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To help inexperienced users into DeFi and ease their entrance to Web 3.0, Newsquare Investment came up with a reserve currency – the Reward points.

Newsquare Investment is a collateral-backed token pegged with the US dollar 1:1 and that can be earnt through Newsquare Investment GameFi.

Newsquare Investment Reward-Earning System

Earn with No Hassle

Earning rewards on Newsquare Investment is as easy as ABC. Complete special missions and earn NS tokens as if you were born to do this.

Up to 10% commission bonus in NS Point is waiting for you! These are additional incomes to your Yeild retuns. You can quickly build wealth through reward program.This gives you an extraordinary opportunity to generate money using your networking skills and to utilize their sources of funds to your advantage. You can earn up to 10% commission of NS Point on investors deposits and 2% commision on each of their withdrawal in Newsquare Investment reward points .

These commissions are readily available for withdrawal over the weekends and at any moment, encouraging users to take advantage of them.

NS Points allows users to gain a complete understanding of the platform, empowering them to grow their finances efficiently. It’s associated with the growth of users, which gives them an unconditional advantage to make the most of this income. Enjoy the mutual benefit of earning income globally by networking on Newsquare Investment.

Having affiliate incomes is a sustainable option for developing your financial skills, resolving your budgetary issues, and experiencing financial freedom.

In addition ,user can also earn reward point known as XP which increases user Ranking . User are eligible for a onetime reward for each ranking or level attained

The more, The better

When you and your team earn rewards and stake crypto on Newsquare Investment , you get XP points and advance in level. To see how far you’ve come, check your progress in the rank section of you dashboard.

Progress means privilege

Your level means your Priority – the higher it is, the better are your gift reward ,Newsquare Investment service and other benefits.

The best part: for each Level Up, you get an Avatar upgrade you can mint as NFT once launched .

Each ranking,reward gift and xp point required to attain each level are given below


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