WHAT MAKES New Square Investment TICK

New Square Investment

To provide seamless DeFi experience, Matrix Technology was designed.


Crypto has a lot of powers. Staking is just one of them. Option in for up to 200% APY and let rewards roll right in daily.

Basic plan

Purchase an active contract and 0.5 daily yeild in Busd rental contracts standard up to 200%

Gold plan

Gold Club is a liquidity pool created by contribution from New Square Investment users. You can participate by contributing an additional 5% to the value of your active rental contracts in your account . Earn 3 times more speed in your Busd rental contract and 5% extra rewards on NS Point referral commission.


Earn 5% commission in NS Points on referral first investment .

10% commission in NS Points on referral first investment for Gold club contributors

NS Point

Get 40% off when you make your gold contribution using your NS Point wallet

Deposit busd and create a new rental agreement in just 2steps . Buy Busd if you don’t have, use the option to buy Busd using BTC

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